This page provides an overview of the resources available through the UNC library system. If anyone has any questions please contact Danianne Mizzy ( who will be able to assist with any statistics related questions.

  1. STOR Specific Guide: This guide provides the user with an overview of services provided by the library with an emphasis on those that are useful for statistics and operations research.
  2. The Statistics, Operations Research, and Mathematics pages provide a list of databases useful for each subject. The databases are filled with subject specific journal articles and can be extremely useful if you’re looking for something specific. Here the user can find similar lists for other disciplines.
  3. Finding Data: The library has purchased and subscribes to a variety of proprietary data sets. Sometimes these can be difficult to navigate so if you don’t know specifically what you’re looking for don’t hesitate in contacting Michele Hayslett ( who is an expert in the data that the university has access to. In addition, if you would like to purchase data the library will frequently provide support in the form of money and/or guidance.
  4. GIS & Data Services: The library provides a variety of data analysis and visualization tools (e.g. GIS) which can be accessed at this link.
  5. Author Identifier: Please see this link for tips on using Author Identifiers. Author Identifiers help identify researches and are especially useful for researchers who may have common names.
  6. Reputation Management: Request a consultation about ways to curate your online portfolio by emailing Danianne Mizzy (