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01-1 – “A Cascaded On-Off Model for TCP Connection Traces,” V.G. Kulkarni, J.S. Marron and F.D. Smith, Technical Report No.UNC/OR/TR01-1

01-3 – “A Polynomial-Time Algorithm to Find Shortest Paths with Recourse,” J.S. Provan, Technical Report No.UNC/OR/TR01-3.

01-4 – “Primal Dualagorithms,” J.S. Provan, Technical Report No.UNC/OR/TR01-4

01-5 – “Output Analysis of a Single-Buffer Multi-Class Queue: FCFS Service,” V.G.Kulkarni and K.D.Glazebrook, Technical Report No.UNC/OR/TR01-5

01-6 – “Mean Output Busy Periods in a Multi-class Fluid Queue with Static Priority,” Vidyadhar G. Kulkarni and Elena Tzenova, Technical Report No.UNC/OR/TR01-6.

00-1 – “Linear Programming,” Jon W. Tolle, Technical Report No.UNC/OR/TR00-1.

00-2 – “An Overview of Primal-Dual Inerior Point Methods with a Focus on Mehrotra’s Predictor-Corrector Method,” Linda Hunke, Technical Report No. UNC/OR/TR00-2

00-3 – “Mean First Passage Times in Fluid Queues,” V.G. Kulkarni and Elena Tzenova, Technical Report No. UNC/OR/TR00-3

99-01 – “Filtration of ASTA: A Weak Convergence Approach,” M. El-Taha and S. Stidham, Jr.

99-02 – “On the Structure and Complexity of the 2-Connected Steiner Network Problem in the Plane,” E. Luebke and J.S. Provan.

99-03 – “Sequential Quadratic Programming for Large-Scale Nonlinear Optimization,” P. Boggs and J.W. Tolle.

98-01 – “Facets of the p-Cycle Polytope,” M. Hartmann and O. Ozluk.

98-02 – “A Fully Polynomial Approximation Scheme for the Euclidean Steiner Augmentation Problem,” J. S. Provan.

98-03 – “The Achievable-Region Method in the Optimal Control of Queues: A Tutorial,” T.C. Green and S. Stidham, Jr.

98-04 – “On the Chvatal Rank of Polytopes in the 0/1 Cube,” A. Bockmayer, F. Eisenbrand, M. Hartmann and A. Schulz.

98-05 – “On the Chvatal Rank of Certain Inequalities,” M. Queyranne, Y. Wang and M. Hartmann.

98-06 – Sample-Path Arguments in Optimal Control of Queues: A comparison of Methods and Results,” Tuell Green and Shaler Stidham, Jr., Technial Report No. UNC/OR/TR98-06.

97-01 – “A Practical Algorithm for General Large Scale Nonlinear Optimization Problems,” J.W. Tolle.

97-02 – “Best-Case and Worst-Case Variances When Bounds are Available for the Distribution Function,” G.S. Fishman and D.S. Rubin.

97-03 – “Computation of Warranty Reserves for Non-Stationary Sales Processes,” S.-S. Ja and V.G. Kulkarni.

97-04 – “LABATCH.2 for Analyzing Sample Path Data,” G.S. Fishman.

97-05 – “Blocking Analysis of Multi-class Reader-Writer Queues,” V.G. Kulkarni and T. Sanli.

96-01 – “Convergence Bounds for Gibbs and Hastings-Metropolis Sampling for Several Coordinate-Selections Strategies,” G.S. Fishmann.

96-02 – “Monotone Optimal Policies for Left-Skip-Free Markov Decision Processes,” S. Stidham, Jr. and R.R. Weber.

96-03 – “Transience Bounds for Long Walks,” C. Arguelles and M. Hartmann.

96-04 – “Analysis of Extended Swendsen-Wang Sampling Methods,” G.S. Fishman.

96-05 – “Best Case & Worst-Case Variances,” G.S. Fishman and D.S. Rubin.

96-06 – “The Underlying Markov Decision Process in the Single-Leg Airline Yield-Management Problem,” S. Stidham, Jr. and C. Lautenbacher.

95-01 – “First Passage Times in Fluid Models with an Application to Two-Priority Fluid Systems,” Anupama Narayanan and V.G. Kulkarni.

95-02 – “Fluid Model with On-Off Source and Server Subject to Breakdown & Repairs,” Anupama Narayanan and V.G. Kulkarni.

95-03 – “The Intractibility of the 2-Critical Flow Problem in k-Flow Graphs,” J. S. Provan.

95-04 – “Optimal Routing Control in Retrial Queues,” V.G. Kulkarni.

95-05 – “Two-Path Subsets: Efficient Counting and Applications to Performability Analysis,” M.O. Ball, J.N. Hagstrom and J. S. Provan.

95-06 – “Admission Control of Multi-Class Traffic with Service Priorities in High-Speed Networks,” V.G. Kulkarni and N. Gautam.

95-07 – “Comparison of Stability and Queueing-Times for Reader-Writer Queues,” V.G. Kulkarni and L.C. Puryear.

95-08 – “Minimal Connected Enclosures on an Embedded Planar Graph,” C. Alexopoulos, J. Scott Provan, H.D. Ratliff and B.R. Stutzman.

95-09 – “Optimal Scheduling of Reader-Writer Systems,” V.G. Kulkarni, K.D. Glazebrook and L.C. Puryear.

95-10 – “Leaky Buckets: Sizing and Admission Control,” V.G. Kulkarni and N. Gautam.