Course Requirements for the BS Degree in Statistics and Analytics

STAN Course Flowchart

General College Requirements  All of the General College requirements specified by the University must be satisfied. In addition, or as part of these requirements, the following courses must be taken.

  • STOR 155*
  • STOR 215* (or MATH 381)
  • Math 231, 232, 233
  • Computer Science 116 (110 may be substituted)

It is strongly recommended that Econ 101 be taken as a General College social science perspective by all STAN majors.

*Prospective STAN majors are encouraged to take STOR 155 and 215 as early as possible in their college careers. Each may be taken before, or concurrently with, Mathematics 231.

Upper Level Courses  The following courses must be taken by all majors:

  • MATH 547
  • STOR 435, 455
  • STOR 415, 445

In addition all majors must take 5 courses from the following two groups of courses, including at least three from group A:**

Group A

  • STOR 555, 556, 565
  • STOR 305, 465, 471, 472

Group B

  • Biostatistics 511, 664
  • Business 403, 408, 410, 532, 533
  • Computer Science 401,410, 521
  • Economics 410, 420, 511
  • Information & Library Science 523
  • Math 383, 521, 522, 523, 524, 548, 566

All majors must also take additional electives to total 123 credit hours of undergraduate coursework. Four of the junior-senior elective courses must come from outside the Mathematical Science Departments (Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics & Operations Research). Of these, at least one must be chosen from each of the divisions of Humanities and Fine Arts, Basic and Applied Sciences, and Social Sciences. Finally, in order to graduate with the BS degree, each student must pass at least 6 of the upper level courses listed above with a grade of C (not C-) or better.

**Students wishing to prepare for an actuarial career should include the following courses from group A in their program: STOR 555, STOR 471 and 472.

**Students who plan to attend graduate school in the Mathematical Sciences (e.g., in Operations Research or Statistics) should consult an adviser concerning their schedules to ensure that the appropriate pre-graduate courses are included in their program. (See Graduate Study.)