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Statistics and Analytics is the undergraduate program of the Department of Statistics & Operations Research. The BS degree in STAN provides students with a strong undergraduate background in the areas of probability, statistics, data analysis, optimization, stochastic and deterministic modeling, and risk analysis. It prepares students for careers or for further graduate study in such technical fields as statistical analysis, operations research, management science, industrial engineering, biostatistics, strategic planning, systems analysis, financial analysis, and actuarial science.

The demand for students with this type of training has been quite high in the past and should continue to be so. Students who have interests in any of these areas and who enjoy quantitative work should investigate the possibility of obtaining a major or minor in this program.

A further description of the Statistics and Analytics program can be found here. The requirements for the major can be found at Major Requirements and the requirements for a minor can be found at Minor Requirements.  A flowchart to assist in course planning is available.

See Courses for a list of current and projected STAN courses and other courses of possible interest, including options for independent study. The major and minor advisers for the program are listed together with their office locations on the Resources page. Interested students can apply for our joint 5-Year BS/MS in Statistics and Operations Research.

Students who would like to request that a course not listed among the major or minor requirements be counted toward that designation should fill out a Course Substitution Request (Tarheel Tracker Adjustment) once the final grade has been received.  The request should be submitted here.

Finally, information on the opportunities for post graduate careers in related areas can be found by clicking on “After Graduation.”