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The Department also offers a graduate-level minor in operations research for doctoral students. To fulfill the minor, a student in a department other than operations research takes at least 15 credit hours from among the courses that make up the masters program in operations research. This must include STOR 555, STOR 612, STOR 641, and two additional courses among STOR 614, STOR 642, STOR 664, STOR 672, STOR 722, STOR 724, STOR 744. To give a balance between the stochastic and deterministic components of the operations research discipline, the Department encourages students to take one course from among STOR 614, STOR 722, STOR 724, and one course from among STOR 642, STOR 664, STOR 672 and STOR 744. At least one member of the graduate faculty in Operations Research will represent the minor on the student’s examining committee. If the doctoral dissertation involves the minor field, at least one faculty member in Operations Research will serve on the student’s dissertation committee. Before undertaking this minor, a student should contact the Operations Research Director of Graduate Studies.