Norman Johnson Professor, Director of Admissions for M.S. program, Director of Graduate Studies for INSTORE
322 Hanes Hall
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Stochastic Models of Queues, Telecommunications, Warranties, Supply Chains and Health Services


B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (1976)
M.S., Ph.D., Operations Research, Cornell University (1980)

Professional Background:

Professor, University of North Carolina (1981 – )

Visiting Assistant Professor, College of Management, Georgia Institute of Technology (1981-1982)

Selected Publications:

Discrete Time Markov Chains, Section 7.7 in CRC Handbook on Dicrete and Combinatorial Mathematics, CRC Press, 2000, 468-476.

Queueing theory, Section 7.8 in CRC Handbook on Dicrete and Combinatorial Mathematics, CRC Press, 477-483, 2000.

Optimal Control of Retrial Queues, with H. M. Liang, Applied Probability and Stochastic Process, Eds: J. G. Shanthikumar and U. Sumita, 203-219 1999.

Optimal Scheduling of Reader-Writer Systems, with K. D. Glazebrook and L.C. Puryear, Naval Research Quarterly, Vol. 45, 483-495, 1998.

Admission Control of multi-class traffic with service priorities in high-speed networks, with N. Gautam, QUESTA, Vol. 27, 79-97, 1997.

Optimal Admission Control of Markov-Modulated Batch Arrivals to a Finite Capacity Buffer, with T. E. Tedijanto, Stochastic Models, Vol. 14, 95-122, 1998.

Fluid Models for Single Buffer Systems, Frontiers in Queueing: Models and Applications in Science and Engineering, Ed. J. H. Dshalalow, CRC Press, 321-338, 1997.

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Research Interests:

Computer Performance Models
Internet Traffic Models
Cogestion Models for Telecommunications Systems
Stochastic Models for Supply Chain Management
Queueing Systems
Stochastic Processes