GaborPatakiAssociate Professor, Director of Graduate Admissions for OR
307 Hanes Hall
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Convex Programming, Integer Programming


Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University

Professional Background:

My research interest is in Convex and Integer Programming.

Selected Publications:

Computational Semidefinite Programming and Related Optimization Problems: The State of the Art, G. Pataki, Guest Editor, Mathematical Programming B, Vol 95, No. 2, 2003.

The Geometry of Semidefinite Programming, G. Pataki, in Handbook of Semidefinite Programming, H. Wolkowicz, L. Vandenberghe and R. Saigal, ed., Kluwer, 2000.

On the closedness of the linear image of a closed convex cone,
G. Pataki, Math. of Oper. Res., Vol 32 (2), 395-412.

Teaching integer programming formulations using the Traveling Salesman Problem, G. Pataki, SIAM Review 45-1, March 2003

On the Rank of Extreme Matrices in Semidefinite Programs and the Multiplicity of Optimal Eigenvalues, G. Pataki, Math. of Oper. Res., 23(2), 339-358, 1998

Column Basis reduction, and Decomposable Knapsack Problems, B. Krishnamoorthy and G. Pataki, submitted.

Parallel Approximation and Integer Programming Reformulation,
G. Pataki and Mustafa Tural, submitted.

Solving the seymour Problem, M. Ferris, G. Pataki and S. Schmieta, Optima 66, October 2001, Mathematical Programming Society Newsletter, pp. 2-7.