nilay_argonNilay Argon
Director of Graduate Admissions, Ph.D. Programs
333 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-3834
Research interests: Stochastic Modeling,
Manufacturing and Health Care Applications, Discrete-event Simulation
sayan_banerjeeSayan Banerjee
Assistant Professor
353 Hanes Hall
(919) 381-8869
Research interests: Connections between probabilistic couplings and geometry, interacting particle systems, random walks in random environments and random matrices.
ShankarBhamidiShankar Bhamidi
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
304 Hanes Hall
(919) 843-2431
Research interests: Probability, Random Networks, MCMC,
Probabilistic Combinatorial Optimization
Amarjit Budhiraja
332 Hanes Hall
Research interests: Probability, Stochastic Analysis,
Large Deviations
Edward CarlsteinEdward Carlstein
334 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-1275
Research interests: Nonparametric Statistics, Resampling
robin_cunninghamRobin Cunningham
Teaching Assistant Professor
338 Hanes Hall
Charles Dunn
Teaching Assistant Professor
103 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-1078
nicolas_fraimanNicolas Fraiman
Assistant Professor
337 Hanes Hall
Research interests: Random structures, Combinatorial Statistics,
Randomized algorithms
Mario Giacomazzo
Teaching Assistant Professor
136 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-3839
JanHannigJan Hannig
333 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-7511
Research interests: Statistics, Fiducial Inference, Stochastic Processes
chuanshu_jiChuanshu Ji
Associate Professor
301 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-3917
Research interests: Financial Econometrics, Computational
Materials Science, Monte Carlo Methods
v_kulkarniVidyadhar Kulkarni
Norman Johnson Professor
322 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-3837
Research interests: Stochastic Models of Queues, Telecommunications,
Warranties, Supply Chains and Health Services
YufengLiuYufeng Liu
354 Hanes Hall
(919) 843-1899
Research interests: Statistical Machine Learning and Data Mining,
shu_luShu Lu
Associate Professor
Director of Admissions, M.S. Programs
355 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-1048
Research interests: Optimization and Equilibrium Problems
steve_marronJ. S. Marron
Amos Hawley Distinguished Professor
352 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-2188
Research interests: Object Oriented Data Analysis, Visualizations,
Jeffrey McLean
Teaching Assistant Professor
135 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-9609
Research interests: Statistics Education
Andrew Nobel
308 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-1352
Research interests: Machine Learning, Computational Genomics,
Data Mining
Mariana Olvera-Cravioto
Associate Professor
335 Hanes Hall
Research interests: Applied probability, random graphs, heavy-tailed large deviations, weighted branching processes, stochastic simulation
GaborPatakiGabor Pataki
Associate Professor
307 Hanes Hall
Research interests: Convex Programming, Integer Programming
vladas_pipirasVladas Pipiras
Department Chair
320 Hanes Hall
Research interests: Time Series and Spatial Modeling, Extreme Value Theory, Streaming and Sampling Algorithms
Richard Smith
Mark L. Reed Distinguished Professor
303 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-2660
Research interests: Extreme Value Theory, Environmental Statistics,
Spatial Statistics
QuocTranDinhQuoc Tran-Dinh
Assistant Professor
333 Hanes Hall
(919) 843-6023
Research interests: Numerical Optimization: Theory and Algorithms for Convex
Optimization and Non-convex Continuous Optimization
KaiZhangKai Zhang
Associate Professor
306 Hanes Hall
(919) 843-9535
Research interests: Post-selection inference, high-dimensional inference, and nonparametric inference
serhan_ziyaSerhan Ziya
Director of Undergraduate Studies,
Statistics and Analytics Program
357 Hanes Hall
(919) 843-6022
Research interests: Stochastic modeling, healthcare operations, service operations, queueing design and control, revenue management