nilay_argonNilay Argon
Director of Graduate Studies, Operations Research Program
333 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-3834
Research interests: Stochastic Modeling,
Manufacturing and Health Care Applications, Discrete-event Simulation
sayan_banerjeeSayan Banerjee
Assistant Professor
353 Hanes Hall
(919) 381-8869
Research interests: Connections between probabilistic couplings and geometry, interacting particle systems, random walks in random environments and random matrices.
ShankarBhamidiShankar Bhamidi
Associate Professor
Director of Admissions,
Ph.D. Program
304 Hanes Hall
(919) 843-2431
Research interests: Probability, Random Networks, MCMC,
Probabilistic Combinatorial Optimization
AmarjitBudhirajaAmarjit Budhiraja
Department Chair
320 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-2189
Research interests: Probability, Stochastic Analysis,
Large Deviations
Edward CarlsteinEdward Carlstein
334 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-1275
Research interests: Nonparametric Statistics, Resampling
robin_cunninghamRobin Cunningham
Teaching Assistant Professor
338 Hanes Hall
Charles Dunn
Teaching Assistant Professor
103 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-1078
nicolas_fraimanNicolas Fraiman
Assistant Professor
337 Hanes Hall
Research interests: Random structures, Combinatorial Statistics,
Randomized algorithms
Mario Giacomazzo
Teaching Assistant Professor
136 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-3839
JanHannigJan Hannig
333 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-7511
Research interests: Statistics, Fiducial Inference, Stochastic Processes
chuanshu_jiChuanshu Ji
Associate Professor
Director of Admissions, M.S. program
301 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-3917
Research interests: Financial Econometrics, Computational
Materials Science, Monte Carlo Methods
v_kulkarniVidyadhar Kulkarni
Norman Johnson Professor
Director of Admissions, M.S. program
Director of Graduate Studies,
INSTORE program
322 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-3837
Research interests: Stochastic Models of Queues, Telecommunications,
Warranties, Supply Chains and Health Services
YufengLiuYufeng Liu
354 Hanes Hall
(919) 843-1899
Research interests: Statistical Machine Learning and Data Mining,
shu_luShu Lu
Associate Professor
Director of Admissions, Ph.D. Program
355 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-1048
Research interests: Optimization and Equilibrium Problems
steve_marronJ. S. Marron
Amos Hawley Distinguished Professor
352 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-2188
Research interests: Object Oriented Data Analysis, Visualizations,
Jeffrey McLean
Teaching Assistant Professor
135 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-9609
Research interests: Statistics Education
Andrew Nobel
Director of Graduate Studies, Statistics Program
308 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-1352
Research interests: Machine Learning, Computational Genomics,
Data Mining
Mariana Olvera-Cravioto
Associate Professor
335 Hanes Hall
Research interests: Applied probability, random graphs, heavy-tailed large deviations, weighted branching processes, stochastic simulation
GaborPatakiGabor Pataki
Associate Professor
307 Hanes Hall
Research interests: Convex Programming, Integer Programming
vladas_pipirasVladas Pipiras
305 Hanes Hall
(919) 843-2430
Research interests: Time Series and Spatial Modeling, Extreme Value Theory, Streaming and Sampling Algorithms
RichardLSmithRichard Smith
Mark L. Reed Distinguished Professor
303 Hanes Hall
(919) 962-2660
Research interests: Extreme Value Theory, Environmental Statistics,
Spatial Statistics
QuocTranDinhQuoc Tran-Dinh
Assistant Professor
333 Hanes Hall
(919) 843-6023
Research interests: Numerical Optimization: Theory and Algorithms for Convex
Optimization and Non-convex Continuous Optimization
KaiZhangKai Zhang
Associate Professor
306 Hanes Hall
(919) 843-9535
Research interests: Post-selection inference, high-dimensional inference, and nonparametric inference
serhan_ziyaSerhan Ziya
Director of Undergraduate Studies,
Statistics and Analytics Program
357 Hanes Hall
(919) 843-6022
Research interests: Stochastic modeling, healthcare operations, service operations, queueing design and control, revenue management