Walter L. Smith
Professor Emeritus
Applied probability: queues, storage systems (reservoirs), renewal processes, and related matters; Mathematica Statistics: Characteristic functions and central limit theorems and with renewal processes and the related cumulative processes.


B.A. (1947), M.A. (1951), Ph.D. (1953), University of Cambridge.

Professional Background:

UNC-Chapel Hill (1954-56, 1958 – ); University of Cambridge (1956-58).

Selected Publications:

On transient regenerative processes (with E. Murphree), Journal of Applied Probability, 23 (1986), 52-70.

EXP Express, Brooks/Cole, Pacific Grove, California (1990), 141 pp.

On two classic theorems involving the characteristic function, in “Aspects of Uncertainty” (A.F.M. Smith and P.R. Freeman, eds.), Wiley (1994), 353-366.