Charles R. Baker

Professor Emeritus




B.S. (1957), University of Southwestern Louisiana; M.S. (1963), Ph.D. (1967), University of California at Los Angeles.

Professional Background:
Land-Air (1957-59); Bendix (1959-68); UNC-Chapel Hill (1968-).

Selected Publication:
Capacity of dimension-limited channels, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 37 (1991), 239-258.

Coding capacity for a class of additive channels, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 37 (1991), 233-243.

Information capacity of the stationary Gaussian channel (with S. Ihara), IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 37 (1991), 1314-1326.

Absolute continuity and mutual information for Gaussian mixtures (with A.F.Gualtierotti), Stochastics & Stochastics Reports, 39 (1992), 139-157.

Likelihood-detection of stochastic signals (with A.F. Gualtierotti), in Advances in Statistical Signal Processing (H.V. Poor and J.B. Thomas, eds.), JAI Press (1993), 1-34.