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This page contains general information about applying to the Master’s program offered by the STOR Department for students who are currently enrolled in another graduate program at UNC-CH.

Applying for admissions to the STOR M.S. programs:



Applicants to the MS program should have a strong record of undergraduate coursework in statistics and mathematics. Statistics coursework should include an introductory course in statistics (similar to STOR 155), an intermediate level course in inference and regression (similar to STOR 455), and a calculus based probability course (similar to STOR 435). Mathematical coursework should include single and multivariable calculus, as well as an intermediate or advanced level course in linear and matrix algebra. Students interested in theoretical statistics or probability should have prior coursework in advanced calculus or real analysis.


The approximate application deadline is mid-December of each year.  Exact dates can be found here.

Financial Assistance

The Department is not able to provide financial assistance to M.S. students.

How to Apply

Please apply by following the instructions given on the Graduate School website:  If you are currently a graduate student enrolled in another graduate program at UNC-CH, please send an email to Professor Shu Lu, and check this website for the application process:

International students have an additional application requirement of a Financial Certificate, which is mandatory even if you are currently residing in the United States. Please read the instructions about financial certificates at .

If you are an international student currently enrolled at UNC-CH then you are exempt from the TOEFL or IELTS score requirement.

Important Note Regarding Courses Completed Prior to Admission into the STOR M.S. Program:

At most six credit hours may be transferred from another accredited institution, or from within UNC-CH, for courses taken before admission to the STOR M.S. program.  (This limit on transferring credits applies to courses taken in the STOR Department as well.)