To accommodate the high demand for undergraduate STOR courses, we offer a supplemental waitlist form in addition to the ConnectCarolina waitlist.  We will make every attempt to fill the class to its published capacity up until the University’s census date, after which we will cease to review waitlists. (Since the ConnectCarolina waitlists are purged before the census date, it is advisable to fill out a department waitlist form even if you are on the ConnectCarolina waitlist.  This way if a seat opens after the waitlist is purged, you still have an opportunity to get into the class.)


If your request can be accommodated, you will be contacted via your UNC email account.  Due to the high volume of requests, we cannot contact those who are unsuccessful.  If you have not been contacted by the census date, we have not been able to accommodate you.


If there are problems with your registration you will be responsible for resolving them, i.e. account holds, credit overloads, scheduling conflicts.  Lack of prerequisites will prevent registration, unless written permission from the instructor can be presented.


Swapping of sections will not be allowed.  Please commit to attending the section that you register for.

Fill out the waitlist here